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I am currently open for custom work.



UNIQUE DESIGN with licensed image stock and/or custom 3d Assets.

Blank eBook cover in jpeg format

Title in PNG

Custom Typography

Title and author name customized with 48 hours

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CUSTOM  COVERS             

* hardback add on - $50

chaos queen1text.jpg

UNIQUE DESIGN with licensed image stock and/or custom 3d Assets created from YOUR concept


​​Up to 3 rounds of revisions 


One customized character and background


eBook cover  JPEG format  


Custom typography

Title in PNG


CUSTOM PREMADE             

UNIQUE DESIGN with licensed image stock and/or custom 3d Assets created from YOUR concept 


eBook cover  JPEG format

One customized character and background

Custom typography

Title in PNG



  • Additional character - $50

  • Interacting couple - $50 

  • Additional paperback conversions - $50 

  • Audio cover - $25 

  • Dust  jacket - $75 

  • Small animals or creatures - $25

  • Large animals such as dragons or horses - $40

  • Additional revisions - $25 (per hour)

  • Social media banner - $20

  • Bookmark - $20 

  • Title typography - $25+

  • Retitling fee - $25 

  • 3d book cover mockup - $10  

  • Character cards - $75+ 

  • Box set mockup (using an existing cover) - $40 

  • Book Signing Banner  (using existing cover) - $50 

  • International Titles - $25 eBook - $50 wrap

  • Interior Design (2 pages) - $85+ 

  • Placeholders - $10 

                add-on branding package 50 USD



FB banner ex copy.jpg

facebook banner


This is an example of what marketing materials I can provide. The client will choose which materials fit their specific needs.

Max is 3 items which is a savings of $10.

                  premade customs

Premade customs give the client an opportunity to get a customized cover while keeping it budget friendly. The process works by having the client  fill out a short questionnaire based their cover needs. If I decide to take on the project the client will be contacted via the email they provided and given 24 hours to respond. The client is under no obligation to purchase the cover but does get first chance to purchase it, otherwise it goes up for sale as a premade. 


Please note that this option is best for clients looking for a more generic concept designs. Custom premades only allow for one minor revision. I will not be taking on every  project. I will take on the ones I feel work best with my skill level and style. These are projects that I take on in between my regular work load so I cannot provide a specified end date. 


link to request form HERE

  • What information do you need to get started on my project?
    Before contacting me, please have a look at my previous work to get an idea of the type of artwork you can expect from me. Designing is a collaborative task between the client and the designer and the more information that you provide, the better the outcome of your cover. Please be ready to show me examples of other covers in your genres that you like.
  • How do I book you ?
    Please use the contact form on the website to contact me for bookings. You may also reach me by email at
  • Can I book you for a series?
    Yes! Please let me know when booking that you will be doing a series and if you do or do not want the covers done all at once.
  • How soon can we get started?
    All bookings are on a first come first soon basis. When you make first contact with me I will let you know how far I am booked out.
  • What's your workflow?
    Once you make first contact I will let you know what my availability is. When we begin your project I will send you a short questionnaire to fill out concerning the elements you would like included on your cover. I will read over your answers and may come back to you with a few more questions to make sure that everything is understood. Communication is the key to a great cover. After reading over your answers, I will go on a hunt for appropriate stock images. Occasionally I will send stock image options to the client to choose from. If your cover is straight forward I may go ahead and finish it in it's entirety and present it to you. If I need more input I may send you a draft to get some feedback before proceeding.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I currently accept Paypal. Occasionally if there is an issue with Paypal or other, I will create a listing in my Etsy shop where you can pay via CC.
  • What genres do you work with?
    My specialty is dark fantasy and PNR. Object based covers with fantasy elements. I'm open to any genre and if I don't feel comfortable taking a specific project I will let you know that upfront.
  • What is your refund policy?
    I do not accept refunds for work that has been completed or on premade covers. If you have an issue with your order please contact me and I will assist you the best I can.
  • Can I purchase a premade cover even if I am not ready to add the title?
    Yes! Many author purchase premades and add the title at a later date.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    I do not ask for a deposit at this time but I reserve the right to change that policy at any time.
  • Do you take payment plans?
    I will consider payment plans under certain circumstances. Please contact me to discuss the details. Please be aware that you will not receive finalized work without full payment. If my work is used without payment, I reserve the right to issue take down notices with whatever venue the design is being displayed on. If payment is not received on the agreed upon date I reserve the right to resell the design as a premade cover.
  • What is the process and how long does it take?
    I generally like to look at my workload for a month and hash out what I can work on during specific weeks/days during that month. This means that if you have booked me for the month of October you can expect to get your cover by the end of October. When you fill out your questionnaire I ask you when your release date is and I try to prioritize more urgent covers. If you have a release date that is soon, I will work on yours first and likely deliver it before the end of that month.
  • How are your images sourced?
    All stock images will be purchased from,, or rendered by me in a 3d program such as DAZ. Small details will be hand painted in Photoshop.
  • Can I use my book cover art to sell on merchandise?
    The stock images used on your cover will come with the standard license which does not allow for the resale on merchandise unless an extended licenses is purchased. This would apply to each element in your cover. If I used 10 stock images, then 10 extended licenses would need to be purchased. Each license is around $90. If you are interested in making merchandise I can supply the links to the stock photos used so you may purchase them. I can also make a cover for you only using rendered images in which case the licensing would not be necessary. Please note that this rule does not apply to marketing materials such as bookmarks and business cards.
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